domingo, 15 de marzo de 2015

Tutorial 1: Neck warmer (in english)


I haven't been posting in a while, I've been so freaking bussy :/

I'm here today because my Ravelry friend Bobbi Jo translated my Neck Warmer tutorial!!!
Thank You so much Bobbi Jo <3

So it's finally available in english!!!

There are many pictures of the steps, if in doubt ask in the Ravelry page or in this post

Thus finished :) 


- Yarn 100 grams (best weight is likely between sport, and aran, the wider yarn you use, the wider the diameter of the neck warmer will be, so use thinner yarn for a kids neck, thicker for adult etc)

- Needles round or straights, as you prefer, project is knit flat. US 7-9/ 4.5-5.5mm for yarn with 8wpi (wraps per inch)* 

- Stitch holders (waste yarn will also work) 
- Crochet hook to pick up stitches and weave in ends 

* If you are going to use a thicker yarn you will need thicker needles and more yarn (150-200 g) 


- Garter stitch (knit stitch on both sides of work) 

- Stockinette stitch (knit stitch on Right Side of work, and purl on Wrong Side of work, which makes it look like ridges of purl and knit stitches on both sides) 

- Decreases (k2tog) 

Cast on- 36 stitches. If you are going to use thicker wool, cast on only 30 stitches. It is important that the total number of cast on stitches is a multiple of 6 (30, 36, etc). The 36 stitches with yarn used here in the picture is 17 cm wide. 

 Work rows of garter stitch for approx 38 cm. Or to accomplish this:

You will next work only the first 6 stitches of the row, so put all the rest (24, 30 etc) and put them on a stitch holder or waste yarn. 

Continue in Stockinette Stitch for these 6-stitch sections: First section: 
Knit the 6 stitches on your needle in stockinette for up to 17 cm, or the width of your project. 

Cut yarn, leaving tail 15 cm (sew in tails later). Put those 6 stitches on a stitch holder or waste yarn. 

Repeat this process by putting the next 6 stitches from the other holder onto your needle and working them in the same way (stockinette for 17 cm). 

Similarly, continue to make the remaining four strips from the 24 stitches on the original waste yarn/held stitches (6 stitches per strip). 

Take all the stitches and put them all back on your needles and knit 2 rows of garter stitch.

As seen by right side/front. As seen by wrong side/back. 

Proceed with Decreases: 
From row 3 on: 
Row A) decrease (k2tog) at beginning of row, knit to last 2 stitches of row, k2tog and at end of row 
Row B) knit with no decreases. 

Repeat these rows A and B until you have 4 stitches remaining, knit those 4 together and sew in end. 

Now you have completed the first tip! 

At the other end of the work, place markers to divide up your 6 sections of 6 stitches each (or the same number of sections you did on the other side). 

Pick up 6 stitches with a crochet hook and begin to knit in stockinette 17 cm or desired length to match the strips on the other end. It is important that the lengths are the same on both sides. 

Repeat for remaining strips: pickup 6 stitches, do stockinette for 17cm. 
Continue until you have 6 strips each 17 cm, or the same amount of strips on both ends, the same lengths each. 

Start to cross the strips, weaving them between the strips on the other side, picking them back up onto the needle once crossed. 

Just like the first section, do 2 rows of garter stitch then do decreases: 

Proceed with Decreases: 
From row 3 on: 
Row A) decrease (k2tog) at beginning of row, knit to last 2 stitches of row, k2tog and at end of row.
Row B) knit with no decreases (still garter stitch). 
Repeat these rows A and B until you have 4 stitches remaining, knit those 4 
together and sew in ends. 

You are DONE! . Enjoy your Neck Warmer :)

Wear it flat or folded. 

Here is knitted in solid purple :)

Pattern by Marianita la Arañita, Translated by Google, edited in English by Bobbi Jo Quigley.